Avventura Down the Boot

An integrated marketing campaign
showing the power of language.

The Need

So here’s the thing. It’s summertime and business is slow for most retailers. People are thinking about travel, not about studying a language. It’s the perfect time to grab people’s attention and generate leads for the fall.

That’s when we came up with the crazy idea of sending a real Rosetta Stone learner on the adventure of a lifetime — a Vespa ride the entire length of Italy over 10 days. Want to take it a step further? You got it. Let’s do the whole thing without any prior planned routes, reservations, or local contacts. Want to step in the world of the absurd? Why not! Let’s send a small crew to film, edit, and release a video the exact same day. The result was Rosetta Stone’s most effective lead-gen campaign to date, with over 30k entrees and well over 5 million video views.

Realtime feed of location, mood, and conditions keep users as part of the action.
Daily videos and journals highlight the immediate impact of language on the adventure, while the immediacy lends credibility to what’s being shown.
Daily photos capture attention and encourage people to watch the videos. They also provide beautiful social content to drive to this hub page.
Renaissance era etchings of each location help the page standout in a sea of flat design.
By allowing users to vote on the next day’s destination, we encouraged engagement across all channels and greatly increased return visits.
A sweepstakes proved to be a fantastic incentive, providing over 30,000 new leads.