Adventures in DIY

By December 12, 2016Uncategorized

Over and over in my career, I’ve run into the issue that my design budgets don’t always match my (apparently ridiculously) ambitious ideas.  As the Creative Director for Rosetta Stone, this has reached all time high, because the Brand and all the things it inspires, naturally leads to marketing ideas that could easily bankrupt a company. Growing up a child of the 90s indie punk scene, bands like Fugazi and Bad Religion taught me that the easiest, and sometimes only way to get things done is to figure out how to do it yourself on your own terms. That’s why I’ve surrounded myself with insanely talented and hardworking people and have been able to pull off the absurd as an in-house team.

Rather than creating a bunch of buzzword filled self-congratulatory articles though, I thought I’d share a few of the stories behind the stories—a few of the times when things didn’t go to planned. I’ll be covering everything from car crashes in Cuba, to earthquakes in Tokyo. From stomach turning dinners in the jungles of Vietnam, to being shaken down and towed in Sicily. I’m always interested to hear what you think, so please reach out with any thoughts, questions, or something you’d like to hear about.

First up, Please, for the love of god… don’t look up! or  That time the Italian police thought we were terrorists.


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