Hello. I’m Andy. I’m a creative director, a designer, a dad, and a traveler.
I work with amazingly talented people and ambitious brands.

Andy Steenberge


I’m a digital Creative Director based in Washington, DC.

While the vast majority of the last 15 years has been spent as an interactive designer (and occasional developer) at agencies, the last 4 have been as Creative Director at Rosetta Stone, helping to shape the vision and direction for the brand in the US and Europe, as well as in Japan and Korea.

While I’ve won lots of awards and had work featured by some of the biggest brands, what I love most about my job is that I get to do exactly what I dreamed of doing as a kid. I get to work with amazingly talented artists, writers, and designers, while traveling the globe trying to make something amazing. I’ve worked hard to be on the bleeding edge of digital trends, creating bold honest designs, and embracing the democratizing of advertising, allowing brands to really get their story out.

Rosetta Stone Website

Rosetta Stone Website

Consumer & Enterprise Site Design

Bethesda Tattoo

Bethesda Tattoo

Rebrand & Website



Launch of the Rebranded SYFY


Rosetta Stories: Christopher

A short film documenting an EMT as he learns with Rosetta Stone.


Rosetta Stories: Grace

An short film following a Rosetta Stone learner's first trip to Paris.

Rosetta Stories
Mark Chew, Vietnam

Rosetta Stories: Mark

An inspiring short film documenting a learner's trip home to Vietnam

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+1 202-907-7066

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